omg lol i have to give a mini speech at a LF dinner tonight and i didn’t want to butcher the pronunciation for liaison so i looked it up to dbl check and

first pronunciation: the real deal/the actual way you say the word

second pronunciation: for all the white folk who struggle to pronounce anything the right way ever

why yes it is a fantastic idea to start drinking copious amounts of water for health/beauty reasons the day i debut my new overalls

no shame in commenting on a photo posted by someone i rarely talk to as long as it serves The Quest To Perfect My Eyebrows

how NOT to respond to other people telling you about your problems - as inspired by Gary

  • me: *states an unexpected problem that arose just now, such as mistakenly having thought that train departs nyc at 10pm when it actually leaves at 9:20pm*
  • dad: well that’s YOUR fault, isn’t it

why is this picture of mitchell like the most popular photo in my recently uploaded batch of fb pics

i wasn’t even going to put this one up but then forgot to delete it

omg i was skimming through past fashion-related articles on one of my campus publications’ news blog site and came across this style feature where they did a photoshoot with gtown students and

the girl in the red’s just like Those pastel-clad bitches be talking shit about me and think i don’t know

when i came home for easter break on wednesday i noticed that my house smell had changed a little bit and had become a bit more soap-y since i last was home and it made me sad

i’ve been using the word “dawg” non-ironically a lot recently and idk whether to celebrate this or to be concerned